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Found 3 results

  1. Hey folks! This is my introduction post. I've been reading the forum for a couple of years now, and the amount of helpful, obscure and esoteric information I've dug up from past years is just astonishing. It's been such a help, so thank you everyone who contributes here. A little bit about me: 29, forged my first blade a little over three years ago. I quit my job 2 years ago to pursue this skill/addiction full time, and have not looked back since. I live and work on a little acreage surrounded by tall trees in the country at the base of the Washington state peninsula. I tend to be a bit
  2. When I'm making something I've never made before I start out with plain bar stock until I get all the forging and shaping right. I started with damascus, since I had a billet left over from last year, but I realized that I would need to figure out some forging tricks and make some tools to reproduce the complex shape of pesh kabz. The pesh kabz is an Indo-Persian blade made to pierce chain mail. It is long, can be straight, curved or decurve/recurve. It has a very strong point that widens to open up the links of chain mail. They have a T-shaped spine for rigidity, and a thick edge for stren
  3. Hey, I'm Jim, I'm a new user to the forum, and I'd like to hear any critique on my work. I've been doing this for a little while, but there is always new stuff to learn. This is the child of a bowie knife and a persian knife (not really sure as to the name) It was intended to be just a bowie, but I forged the tip a little thin, but I think I like it. Steel is from a buggy spring, It had good sparks and hardened well in oil, tempered back to a brown-purple color. I'm not quite finished, but I thought I'd show what I had. Blade is about 11 inches, the handle about 5.5.
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