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Found 1 result

  1. So I am working on a matching pair of fighters for a customer who wanted mokume gane bolsters ( no biggie I could make some quarter mokume) and have been reading up on Solid State Diffusion Bonding (SSDB) of metals and it got me thinking. The temps/time reccomendations seem like they are all over the charts but the most common being 100* below the lowest melting point alloy then soak for 5-8 hrs Also the pressure seems to be relatively loose since no one seems to give an actual # for it So I have a few questions for the Mokume experts. 1: Am I right in thinking the SSDB is a much stronger and more repeatable method than the typical " wait until the billet looks wet and squeeze it method"? 2: My alloy combo is going to be 360 brass/ copper my temp/ time was going to be 1700* @ 8 hrs. Does this seem about right? 3: Pressure is going to be applied by a set of pressure plates torqued a high as I can get them does this seem like it would be enough? 4: Lastly I was wondering on the quality of finish on the pieces for the bond to work as efficiently/completely as possible? Any insight would be appreciated as I would like to make some really nice mokume for this set. Also sorry about the long post guys. Thanks justin
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