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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, gals, folks and friends- after a 3 year abscence I am finally able to move into an official "Shop Space" and wanted to reach out as I geared up for my first projects... I hope all have been well-safe and as always, at peace! It feels absolutely surreal to be able to make stuff again and looking forward to learning and hopefully contributing once Im online and geared up again. So- Was given a 10 foot length of 1095 at a blue-spring temper that is only .035 thick. Stock came from McMaster Carr- and I have 1095 packing slip so its a "known" alloy not a scrappers-delight... I realize 1095 is not the optimal choice to learn on- but free is free and if its a tough mistress to learn from at least the lessons will be "Learning failures" Considering using this for small carving blades for Kolrosing and Detail Carvng blades and possibly a few 2.5-3 inch Sloyd Greenwood blades. Really hoping for input on any special considerations from the wiser minds here regarding this stock size- I may have a decent supply of this at a reduced price moving forward... 3 Questions please: 1- Just stock removal as the stock is already so thin??? Do I need to normalize and then re-heat treat this? (Any special considerations due to thinness?) PS- I do have a Heat Treat Oven so controlled time/temps are achievable- just havent got the oven online yet. 2- Blade ideas for this thin of stock??? 3- Any good for fillet knives? (outside the fact that O1 and 1095 will rust at the SIGHT of water...) As always- any suggestions are appreciated and I look forward to "Working thin" thought processes...
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