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Found 3 results

  1. I just completed a 23 minute video of making a Damascus billet using the press and power hammer. Basic stuff really, just getting it to the first fold. Enjoy!
  2. Alright, so I've finally finished my knife. Cracks aside - I'm quite happy with the outcome. Reminder to self though - easy with the angle grinder when using it on wood... The knife weighs in at 138 grams, and consists of two bars of 126 layers twisted steel, one un-twisted bar of 12 layers, and a sheet of mono-steel in a san-mai lamination. The blade is also differentially hardened, quenched in vegetable oil. The blade has been polished by hand on stones ranging from a rough grinding stone for the basic geometry, then #220, #1000, #3000, #8000 and finally #12000 Naniwa stones before light etching. The steel is UHB20C and UHB15LM for the damascus, and "Øberg"-steel for the san-mai steel. Hardness at edge is about 63HRC. The handle is made from African ebony, stabilized Maple burl, silver tin, and vulcan fiber - worked on with files, needle-files and sanded with #600, #1200, and #2500 paper - before waxed. I have chosen to make it a octahedral diamond shape in order to better fasilitate different cutting angles... Total production time: 61 hours and 20 minutes. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/qPuzi9BywGc And here are the images: (sorry for poor quality.. Taken with my phone.. ) Sincerely, Alveprins.
  3. It's seldom that I find the need to make a new topic just to post a video, but this video has me totally flabbergasted. It starts as most scythesmithing videos do, with some tired old smith that lights up his forge, and I suspect he's about to forge a scytheblade or two. -Not the case. I've heard about these professional one-man factories, but never actually seen it. -And this was 1975 for petes sake, why isn't this pounded into our memories of national heritage!? Why have we not been shown this video in school, I didn't even know smithing was a career and educational option until a few years ago. Have a look at 22:30 when he opens his cupboards to put away his finished blades...-It's been an hour since I first saw it, and I still don't know which foot to stand on.
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