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Found 1 result

  1. So i have been looking around on the internet for info on people using a weed burner/roofing torch for there forge and people have been but with terrible results. I figured it out and decided to share with everyone here since nobody has shared there discovery if anyone has actually done this. First off you need a harbor freight roofing/weed burning torch. But you need the one without the igniter or anything similar that the bell/burner can be screwed off. 1 1/4 pipe 12 inches long. Threaded on one end. 1 1/4-2 inch bell reducer. 1 inch wide flat stock. Tools include a drill, welder, 5/8 drill bit, grinder with grinding wheel So here comes the difficult part. Cut the flat stock the width of the 2 inch end of the bell reducer. Drill your 5/8 hole dead center in the flat stock. Grind some off the sides of the flat stock to make for more air flow. Weld the flat stock to the 2 inch end of the bell reducer with the hole directly over the center. Now screw the bell reducer to the 1 1/4 pipe and the burner is complete. The flat stock can be drilled and tapped into the sides of the bell reducer if you dont have access to a welder. And the flat stock can be drilled and tapped for the weed burner to screw into. But these are all things that can be improved upon. It works perfect the way i have it set up. Now all i did was set up a post next to the forge so you can zip tie the hose if the weed burner to it and with the end off the weed burner set it in the hole of the flat stock pionted directly down the burner pipe. This is basically the same concept as the Ron Reil burner just uses different parts. I happend apon this design by chance. One day i was in the mood for a change and i wanted to make the big transition from coal to propane so i did my research and found a burner i liked. So i go to the hardware store and i get to the pipe fittings and the shelves are almost bare. The wheels started turning. So i gather an arm full of stuff and decide i will start tinkering. Well nothing was going right from grabbing wrong size fittings to drilling offset holes. So i started getting frustrated. I start going through all the drawers in the shop looking for all kinds of stuff i know we dont have. Thats when i looked up and seen the torch hanging on the wall. The wheels started turning again. Anyways it wasnt more than an hour later i had a functioning burner. I will get pictures of everything and post in a day or two!!!
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