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Found 1 result

  1. It is finally time to build myself a new forge! I have been planning to do this for about 9 years now and was never able to get around to it or have a place I could really work on building a new forge. But now I am all set up in a very small shed that is adequate to do this project as well as more blades once the forge is built. My current forge is an old furriers forge and is very good at oxidizing steel. There are two burners and only one of them has a way to regulate the flow of air. My main problem with this forge and the reason I am building a new one is that it is very hard to get this forge up to welding heat. The fire box is so large it takes around 15 to 20 psi and about 20 minutes to get it almost to welding heat. Here is a pic. I have found a great source for a good size steel tank to build the forge out of. This will be a two burner propane forge. The body I found is a brand new Husky portable compressor tank and cost me a wopping $35. I ended up getting some punches to push the order over $40 for free shipping from home depot.com. So far I have cut one end of the tank off with my oxy acetylene torch and cut the stock ports in the front and back of the tank. I wanted to make sure that the forge is large enough to make very large knives as well as swords as my skill permits. I will be putting a kind of plug inside the forge to shorten the fire box so I can use only one burner for smaller blades and this will make the forge even more efficient. Here is my progress so far. Torch cut the end of the tank off Then torched out the ports I fabricated a latch from some bar stock Then welded a hinge and the latch to make the cut off end into a door. The gap between the door and the body is intentional. I will explain why latter on. At this point you all might be wondering where the Dragon Head part of my title comes in. I am going to work that up in a 3D rendering program tonight and I will add that image to this topic as soon as I can. I will be adding more updates as I do more work on the forge. I am waiting for all of my insulation supplies to arrive here in the next couple days! I would appreciate any comments and suggestions that you fine gentlemen may have. I am doing this WIP so that others may fined some helpful ideas in building their own propane forge. I also want to learn from any of you if I should do something different or cold do something better.
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