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Found 1 result

  1. My knife making journey which I now call a hobby / obsession started off with me wanting to buy a Survival knife. I had always wanted to make a knife like used in the movie The Hunted. The closest knife I could find that was like the knife in the movie was the Tops Tom Brown Tracker, but after looking at the design in closer detail I did not feel comfortable with how close the saw teeth on the spine of the knife ran nearly right up to the tip of the knife by the look of it It seems as though the tip could break off. So I then spotted The Pappa Bear by Scar Blades I really liked the look of this knife but the size was a little to big for my liking. So after a week or so of looking at the different Survival knives on the market, I started to research what actualy makes a good survival knife. Weeks of more research followed from what a survival knife needs to be able to do to what type of steel the knife should be made from 1095, 1084 and 10xx High Carbon Steel seems to be the main steel used in these knives Next came length With some knives having blades that are 13" long but 10" to 6" seems to be the norm. So after all that I decided to buy a Schrade SCHF37 On first impression I was quite happy with the knife considering the low price but the length was not to my liking so I decided to try my hand at making my own kife because I am a newbie I picked 1084 carbon steel instead of 1095 from what I have read it is more forgiving than 1095. After a few more months of watching You tube videos. I felt confident enough to attempt making my own knife it was suppose to be a 6" long blade survival knife. But due to to several mistakes I made on the belt grinder I had to reshape the knife and have now shaped the blade with a bastard file and a Jig I learn t to build from Gough Customs youtube channel.The file may take longer but I enjoy this over the noisey belt grinder here are a few pics of my progress to far still a lot of learning and practice to go. Due to the mistakes I made the knife is now more like a camping / trapper knife no longer a survival knife. I was going to use Jarrah Scales but now going more towards G10 Scales
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