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Found 5 results

  1. Good day people, After a long and well deserved vacations “I AM BACK” (Schwarzenegger-like voice in Terminator) I am back to the business and today I bring two you two new folding knives of my recent creations. The first one is a deer stag antler handled folding knife with a straight point and a beautiful cooper incrustation on the blade. This blade of 9 cm length is elegant and functional. The idea behind this folding knife is to break with the curved pattern of almost every Spanish folding knife. The second one is a mini-carraca folding knife, a classic and small foldin
  2. Hello everyone. As I wrote earlier, this one is the cuter brother of my "Rainbow in the dark". Same billet, same construction, different handle materials. And blade design. I don't have the specs because it's long gone but it's somehow similar in size the his brother. I didn't make the pouch, my friend Francesco Nova from Rome, Italy, did. This was my first international job, it went to a friend and good customer in Belgium. I hope you, guys, enjoy.
  3. Hello everyone, This is a little folder I made a while ago... The blade is 3 bars, 2 of which being twisted "W" pattern 1070 and pure nickel and the cutting edge being regular twisted pattern, O2 and 15N20. The mechanism is back lock with the spring being one solid piece with the back, which is fully fileworked (inside too). The back/spring is 5160, bail in Titanium, all pins are Titanium, damascus bolsters, snakewood scales (cut offs from a baroque violin bow blank), 304 liners. Leather box hand tooled and stitched, it also works as stand by a small notch in one side of the box.
  4. A year ago I switched from straight knives to folding knives. This is my second liner lock knife. Blade: Damast made by Maarten van Hattem 3.8mm thick, 87mm long, 28mm wide, custom filework (thanks to Bastianknives) hollow grind with faded plunge line Thumbstud: massive copper with Stainless steel core. Spacer: Damast made by Maarten van Hattem, 4.3mm thick, custom filework. Liners: 2mm titanium grade 5, sanded til grid 2500, 2.4mm detentbal. Handle: Juma with massive copper inlay, 4mm titanium grade 5 bolsters. Hidden hardware: 26 pieces m2 highgloss polished Stainless steel screws. Pi
  5. Hey all, I was planning to post pics of this sweet little folder when it was completely done, but I couldn't resist tossing this pic up a little early: I have a tiny bit of finish work on the handle and then I will run a bit of lapping compound through the mechanism to polish up the movement. The blade will be given a light rubdown with 800 through 1500 grit wet/dry paper and finally I will give the whole thing a short soak in vinegar to start a nice even patina. But being L6, this is the last evidence we will likely see of the differential hardening I give all my blades. Feel free
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