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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I had a question about a bone handle I'm working on. I took on the project of a viking style of knife and have a brass-antler-wood-bone-brass sandwich going on, that I'm going to carve some designs into. The only antler I have is a bit too big for the handle and I have to sand it down. I was just wondering how far I can go, and if I can go into the slightly porous section without completely trashing the handle. Thanks.
  2. hi guys I'm allergic to epoxy and most 2 pack industrial type paints.. does anyone know an alternative to epoxy..... formaldehyde resin is the only other thing I can find thanks aaron
  3. Quick question - when you have file work along the spine, of a full-tang knife, do you fill the voids with epoxy so that the whole spine is flush, or do you keep the voids free of epoxy? -Jeff
  4. Gentlemen, I am not sure if I should post this under tools, but his is the newby section, so here I go. I am rather new to making knives and would like to eventually work my way up to swords, I would like some advice on a few different items in regards to tools, heating and materials. 1) After combing through the internet I believe I have decided upon a grinder to purchase, I have decided spend the cash first, (and once). I am look in at a BEE Grinder 2 x 72 but I am wondering what the difference/advantage/disadvantage would be between: A) The 1 hp and the 2 hp, The single
  5. Hey there fellas. I'm new to both this forum (first post) and this hobby (first knife), and I have a question I can't seem to grasp from reading through existing posts. Attached are 3 images of my handles (Black Mesquite). 1. One shows the handle right after applying a coat of linseed oil--lustrous, high contrast, deep colors. 2. Then, I have an image from about 20 minutes after the application of the oil--no luster, somewhat muted colors and contrast. 3. Finally, the picture I took 24 hours later--bland coloring and contrast, looks almost freshly sanded. How do I get my material to
  6. This is a project I finished just before leaving for college last summer for a neighbor. It was a factory made blade, and the leather washer handle was literally rotting off. I cut off the handle and the pommel, (leaving the guard at the request of the owner) and then fit this handle on. From the guard, the materials are rosewood (I think), sheet copper, beech, sheet copper, and deer antler. The handle is a little too large for the blade, and given the size and shape of the antler, I'm not sure it's the most comfortable grip, but I'm pretty pleased with it overall.
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