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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all! I'm very excited to share some details of a recent experiment in recreating a historic wolf's tooth pattern with Emiliano Carrillo and Luke Shearer. The general goal was to try and recreate the similar tooth shape, depth, and spacing as found in historic pieces, mainly referencing the spear found in Lapland (p.151 in Swords of the Viking Age). All of the steel used with exception of a bit of old wrought iron is home made, and there were a few things we learned specifically because of this which I'll get into. Because I took a copious amount of photos, this'll have to be a few parts,
  2. This piece has been around for some time now. It found it's way back to my shop for some minor cosmetic uplift and a scabbard. It had never been photographed or shown before now. Blade 7.5" 11" OAL Hollow ground 15N20 and 1088 steels African Blackwood carved hilt Pattern welded fittings
  3. Hey guys I work at a engine rebuilding machine shop and they pretty much scrap hundreds of old timing chains im wondering if i can make some PW out of some timing chain?
  4. Yesterday I started welding together my first billet of Damascus steel. I started out with six layers of bandsaw blade for my initial weld, which I then welded, drew out, cut, stacked, and welded again. Before I spend too much time on this billet I would like to know if it will show any pattern at all when etched, given that it is made out of only one alloy of steel
  5. As for general bladesmithing, I don't really consider myself to be a beginner, but along the aspect of pattern welding, I am. I have been trying pattern and forge welding for a while now (off and on for about 4 years). About two weeks ago or so, I finally had a successful piece. I am currently working on another blade. While working on my current blade, a friend wants a pattern welded knife using stainless steel. I have never tried it in pattern welding. I know that there are basically two kinds of stainless steels, magnetic and non-magnetic. My friend wants me to incorporate different
  6. After quite a few failed attempts at making damascus style blades, I finally had one succeed. The steel used is 5160 spring steel and some medium carbon steel from the railroad. I have 64 layers total. The scales are made from Osage Orange, which is another first for me, and the pins are copper. I am rather pleased (and relieved) about how this one came out.
  7. So while doing some file work on another knife and listening to some music i was suddenly inspired. The song i was listing to is preformed by a swedish metal band called Amon Amarth very deep into viking mythology. The song was Destroyer of the universe and describes the giant surtur who rises from muspheliem to literally destroy the universe and wage war on the asgardians and such. So somehow or another it struck me that i must when i have the skills enough to forge a beautifully pattern welded viking blade themed and of course made to look as if it would be weilded by the mighty surt himself
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