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Found 1 result

  1. I have always been fascinated with the blades I have seen showing a beautiful differential quench line. Looking at the boneyard, I pulled some samples which have been saved to experiment with. I will include the bloom/cast iron melting experiment I started here, http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=30923&p=310015 As a totally unbiased experimenter I must admit I hope the homemade steel rises way above all others as that is where a lot of energy has been placed. Here is a list we can have a look at, most of these steel may not be suited to participate , we will find out soon. Remember , this is mostly junk. bloomery/cast iron crucible steel same soft bloomery iron, carbon to be added later folded file pieces melted file blade blanks forged medium carbon bloomery iron, to be mixed with high carbon bloom and welded fragment from an old gang saw clean Japanese blade steel, white #1 sled runner from an old ox drawn logging sled World War 2 era large drill rod machined and 1 1/2" dia I have a few more I am unable to pull right now, old leaf springs and more runners from sleds. My next step is to finish melting some bloomery materials to about a 1% carbon level and practice some forge welding in a gas forge ( all welding will be done with a gas forge ). Design a simple blade shape, to be formed from each material. A basic 1" wide kitchen knife (looking a little like the melted file steel blanks). Set up a standard normalizing/quenching/tempering method for each steel. Jan I tried to edit the title of this post and place a comma after hamon, but could not do it...would one of the administrators doi it please It shoulld read in search of hamon, experiments at the forge #1
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