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Found 5 results

  1. Heya gang, Check out this amazing article The New Yorker did about bladesmiths in NYC. It features fellow Forged in Fire contestant Frankie Sausto, several of my students, and my ugly mug. It's all about passing it on, Theo
  2. "broke bladesmith" is working title. It's only in the last six months-year that I finished getting the basic tools necessary to begin bladesmithing, so as it's fresh in my mind I began writing this, to help out beginning bladesmiths to get the tools they need to start making knives, as well as a chapter on basic heat treating. The closest thing to this, I suppose would be "The Fifty Dollar Knife Shop". I still need to add photos and diagrams, and this is the rough second draft, but I've finished the largest stretch of it. Any newbies are welcome to use this as you may, just don't distrib
  3. Hey all, This is a long shot I know, I'm looking to learn blacksmithing/bladesmithing and if anyone based in the UK wants a volunteer who'll work damn hard in exchange for a place to sleep at night; I'd be interested in that arrangement. I'm a beginner but a lifetime's fascination has to count for something right? I'm in Warwickshire at the moment but as long as I have somewhere to stay I'm not to bothered about moving around the country, or even Western Europe although my vast array of 1 languages could be a issue. I'm not even sure this kind of thing still happens but you don't ask you d
  4. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I posted some finished work and for those of you who remember my post about tempering with an oxy torch and how I ended up snapping the blade while trying to straiten it I thought I should show what I was able to make from the broken blade. I am very happy with this knife and I will be making a kydex sheath to go with it so it can be my EDC from now on. The blade is very sharp and holds an edge very well. It was forged from file steel and has a mild steel guard. The wood is curly maple and cocobolo with a white spacer. The pins are mild st
  5. In 2005 I was lucky enough to visit Don when he lived in Alabama. He had a shop behind his house that was small and very well organized. He did his forging, grinding and heat treating outside. Leaning against the tool box behind Don are two shivs and a larger blade. Bill
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