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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings all, first timer here so still learning how to navigate the forums and loving every minute of it. Spent years planning to get my own shop running and wife finally kicked me in the rear to get on it before the second rugrat gets here. Recently scored an old 100 lb. tank from a home remodel I'm helping with and as I was planning where to cut into this thing i decided to see if it had any leftover pressure. I opened the valve all the way but nothing came out, tank wasn't heavy or indicating any liquid might be left inside, so i went inside for a quick lunch. Came outside and heard a quiet his and wouldn't you know it I had propane pouring out of this thing. It froze to the yard and has about half an inch of frost at the bottom and the exhaust port was froze over as well. Now I've seen propane tanks get cold and frosty while barbecuing but this is kind of new for me to see the tank half frosted over. And to boot when I moved it back to the concrete i can hear something similar to a slushey inside what I might guess is a third full of liquid. I have a newer 100 lb. tank for my forge plan and still want this one for a vertical heat treating furnace, but I'm unsure if I should use/discharge the gas or find a different vessel for a furnace. Can't wait to contribute and hopefully join in on the fun. I am by no means an expert and have a wonderfully bad habit of spending hours researching and never getting around to practicing. You guys have so much knowledge and insight it's difficult to stop reading and get back to forging. Also including a pic as I'd like to know if i can figure out how to post photos for future projects. Thanks All!
  2. Hi I'm building a forge that will be 8"dia x 14" long. Just wanted to get some opinions and feedback on the burner setup. Right now I have a vertical forge with venturi burner, plan to move to forced air once I get a blower. For the small horizontal forge I'm building I plan to line with 2" Inswool, 1/2" Kast-o-Lite 30 refractory. That means chamber is approx. 5.5" dia x 14" long (was thinking of just using firebrick as the front and rear doors). Will not be welding with this forge, only forging blades for now. So my question is, since this is 14" long, should I: A.) use two venturi burners B.) one forced air burner ***Also I had considered cutting the pipe or making a "plug" from insulation/refractory for the back of forge, so as to make the chamber a little smaller. I'm worried 14" long forge is little too long, but maybe I'm wrong.... Thank you!
  3. Hi i just decided to enter this knife and blade making hobby and haven't even build my first knife yet. First of all i want to build my workshop and get everything ready from hammers, anvils, tongs, mills, etc But i am still a college student, so the budget can't get high enough to buy everything new. So, i am thinking about building some of it my own as it would be cheaper, and the first thing is making a forge. Because of the fact that every process needs a certain type of different forge, I'm thinking about making one that is multi purpose, portable, and transformable into specific use. Below is the rough image of my design I will be using a steel drum with some insulation between the burning chamber and the drum The bottom part is detachable so that i can use it horizontally above a stool for heating specific part of a long blade or i can attach the bottom part and use it to vertically on the ground The air inlets are used to put air flow in using a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner (when using charcoal) or maybe use a propane torch through the same hole. dimension length 60cm + 15cm ( 24 inch + 6 inch ) diameter 30cm ( 12 inch ) I want to ask some questions : What type of insulation should i use ? i am thinking to make it from concrete mixture to make it cheaper, or do you have any other suggestions ? How thick should i make the insulation ? How many air inlets should i make ? my plan is to make 3 on 1 side or should i make it on both side ? For the overall design, will it work ? considering i want to use it for forging, hardening, heat treating, and any other process that requires heat I am hoping to get a very useful suggestions and tips from this forum as there aren't any blacksmith in my town ( i am from Surabaya, Indonesia ) that i can get instructions from. I would really appreciate any suggestions or even a detailed design that you think would work for my plans above if you think my original design are a big failure. thanks
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