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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I'm building a forge that will be 8"dia x 14" long. Just wanted to get some opinions and feedback on the burner setup. Right now I have a vertical forge with venturi burner, plan to move to forced air once I get a blower. For the small horizontal forge I'm building I plan to line with 2" Inswool, 1/2" Kast-o-Lite 30 refractory. That means chamber is approx. 5.5" dia x 14" long (was thinking of just using firebrick as the front and rear doors). Will not be welding with this forge, only forging blades for now. So my question is, since this is 14" long, should I: A.) use two venturi burners B.) one forced air burner ***Also I had considered cutting the pipe or making a "plug" from insulation/refractory for the back of forge, so as to make the chamber a little smaller. I'm worried 14" long forge is little too long, but maybe I'm wrong.... Thank you!
  2. Hi, Newb here... Just put together a small horizontal forge and am working out the burner part. I spotted this item on Amazon.com and have contacted the retailer for more info. If I get any I'll post it to this thread. Anyone know this maker?
  3. I've recently learned from fellow bladesmiths on this forum that forced air burners are more economical than their venturi counterpart. After tearing my hair out about thinking that I'd have to buy new burners, I also learned that you can possibly put a blower onto a venturi via the large orifice on the T-pipe that the burner sucks air through. Does anyone know which blower is best, how to attach it, and if this is really possible? If it helps to have the info, I'm using two side arm burners from Zoeller Forge. Would I need a blower for each burner, or is one for the front burner enough? I heard of a smith using a big shop vac motor as a blower, but I also know that a small hair dryer works for a coal forge. Any thoughts on that? I know this is kind of scattered, so thanks for the help in advance.
  4. I'm planning my first forge and I have a couple of burner questions. In a 2 burner forge, if I only run 1 burner for a small project will I have issues with heat coming up the dormant burner and causing damage? My other question is about the burners. I've noticed the biggest difference in burner design is the tube. I've seen all shapes, long, fat, skinny, vertical, horizontal, and ones that start vertical and bend to horizontal. What is best for a beginner?
  5. <p>It worked! This is the &quot;final&quot; configuration for my new forge. I started with Geoff Keyes' posting on care and feeding of blown burners and kept puttering until I got the temp range I want (1250F-2350F) with a nice smooth burn! I'm sure the squirrel cage fan is not really pumping 180CFM against the back-pressure even at full speed - but it's just right to top out where I want (2350F). I'd tried a 1-1/2" pipe first but it could get too hot for my insulation (rated to 2400F) and couldn't hold low enough for heat treatment w/out back-burn or flame-out. 1" pipe works just right for this forge!</p> <p><br /> I hope the notations are self-explanatory - - - I suppose I should add that the final 1" Connector is there to act both as a "bell" and to fill up the hole in the in the forge insulation. I want to be able to dismantle the forge and take it to hammer-ins - hence the modular, not-all-welded-up construction.</p> <p><br /> My 2 cents on blown burner design - enjoy!</p> <p> </p> <p><img alt="" src="http://www.elementalforge.com/images/ForMiscPostings/BlowerConfiguration.jpg" /></p>
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