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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all just want to show you my second ever knife. I have a very active mind and when it comes to deciding what I would like to make the list is just too long for me to choose, so I decided to make knives as gifts for family and friends. The first of which is this one. My friend has just gone out to do his second stint in south Africa working with an anti-poaching unit to protect rhinos and elephants. He was looking for a nice knife to take with him and I told him I would make him one. After a short discussion on what he wanted ( basically leaving it up to me) I drew a few designs and he picke
  2. The darkest blade I've ever made, death in the night. Forged 80CrV2 finished in Dura-Bake enamel, black G10 scales with mosaic and copper pins. "Mango knife" This customer had a favorite knife with a very specific shape that he used to prepare fruit, I replicated the blade with superior steel and updated handle shape. 15N20 blade with copper, buffalo horn, and Brazillian bloodwood. Comments and critique always welcome
  3. Hi All, Decided to have a Christmas Special early this year. So I am including the my custom Kydex sheaths in the sale price of the following three knives. Enjoy and comments are always welcome. Specifications: Top Knife Penetrator Point Hunter with Rose Wood Scales Steel - 5/32 154-CM to a Rockwell hardness of 60 Length – 8 and 5/8ths inches Blade length from tip to scales is 4 1/8 inches Scales are made from Bolivian Rosewood 3 Brass pins are 3/16ths inch thick Mirror finish on the hollow ground bevel (10 inch wheel), hair popping sharp and well balanced. File work on the spine is
  4. Forged from 5/8 round stock Handle is curly birch Oal 12" Thanks for looking!!! Kip
  5. So I have a few projects to through up as I have not been on here in a while. I figured I would space the postings out a little bit though. BloodwoodBlade Pattern Welded Steel (15N20, 1084), Silver, Bloodwood Scabbard Bloodwood, Leather, Brass I hope you like it!
  6. So, remember the picture I posted a while back of the piece I was working on that I was likely going to send to the YouTuber Skallagrim? Turns out, that will not be the one I send. I got a design from him yesterday, and will begin work on it soon. I will post pictures as I progress with it.
  7. This is kind of a fantasy style dagger that I put together over the past few months. I based the design off of the elven daggers found in Skyrim, but I also drew a lot of inspiration from the weapons found in the Jackson rendition of LOtR. This is probably one of the most put together blades that I've ever produced, and I wanted to show it off. I sold this to a family member for $170, which is a little less than I wanted but what I offered because he was family. Blade is 7 1/4", 13 1/2" OAL, 1/8" thick. It's just shy of 2" wide at the base of the blade. The blade was made from an old masonry s
  8. I could not resist the lines of the over lap on the edge of this billet. This is a small knife, only 9" Oal Damascus blade hand carved Elk brow tine for the handle and the lanyard bead Heat colored bronze guard. It will go in an open spine sheath if I ever get to my leather work. KT you want to do some charity work. Thanks for looking!!! P.S I beat the crap out of this blade to make sure there wasn't a cold shut in the middle. She's solid and sharp!!! Kip
  9. Hey all its been awhile. This is my first time working with cable. I was lucky enough to get to see a demonstration last summer at Bowies hammer-in from cable to blade that helped a lot! The fittings are copper and the handle is blackwood, Oal is 12 1/2". Thanks for looking let me know what you think! Kip
  10. Hi All, This is the most technicality challenging knife to date also probably my nicest. Its done in the old school fashion bolsters front and back with the scales between. This knife is entirely made from Aldo’s 154-CM that would be the central blade as well as the four bolsters. The wood scales are matching Bocote polished to a very high luster. Shaving sharp (I mean it) hardened and triple tempered to a very solid Rockwell 59. Red spacers and brass pins finish it off. A special knife done slowly with a lot of care. The Specifics: Material- All steel is 3/16ths 154-CM Hardness- Rockwe
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