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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, everyone! This will be my first post on the forum, I'm stoked to be here! So, I recently built my starter forge, and I'm noticing that it's taking longer to get up to heat that I would expect From this source, it seems like it should be about 5 minutes per inch of stock up to 3 inches thick, and mine is nowhere near that (like < 1/4"). I definitely have a hot spot, as I can get 2-3 inches heated up in about that time frame, but the remainder of a piece just stays pretty cool for a long time. I have left the metal in for 20+ minutes and still just heated up that section that
  2. Oh, the irony... I want to build a forge for welding, but am stymied by the lack of a welder. My plan so far is to make a forge out of a 20 pound propane tank, using a forced air burner based on Geoff Keyes' design in the "Blown burners, care and feeding" topic. I think I've pretty well figured out all the pieces and materials I need, and the basic construction, but I'm somewhat worried that I won't be able to put it all together without welding. I know I have come across people saying that you don't need to weld to build a forge, but I can't seem to find any detailed suggestions for no-
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