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Found 2 results

  1. hey guys ive been wanting to try some garnet inlay over a curved surface for a while now and i havent really been able to wrap my head around the problems of doing such* why couldent vikings and anglo saxons have come to australia to leave their jewels all over the place!!!! for me to study!!!! *. i have done flat garnet inlay before with sucess but on a dimentional surface, so because the is no meuseums in canberra or australia that i know of that has any garnet inlay work for me to study first hand tonight i have just figured that i should "learn by doing" and i mean what could go wrong? so this is the general concept for the spacer, nothing as elaborate as the staffordshire hoard entwined garfish ferrule but still plenty challenging. soldered together, the easyest of the easy part done. next to solder in the sections separating the cells but its late and im tired so may be tomorrow cheers
  2. hey guys, ive pulled out a short sword from the pile that i forged out years ago and never got around to hilting it up (you know one of those projects) any who i would like to get some critque on the designs that have been bouncing around in my head before i start construction. the metal components will be bronze or brass, there will be cloisonné work. i want to make this piece to test and show my skills.ive always felt that design is not my best skill so please give me your thouhgts. cheers
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