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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I've been interested in all sorts of blades since I was about 9-ish, and interested in making them for the past few years. I just never figured I could find someone to help me learn the basics of the craft, much less afford the bare minimum. I've recently began to dig around and found that I could actually get the stuff I needed for my own forge and anvil for pretty cheap. I just need some advice on if what I have planned is okay, or a waste of money. First up, the forge I found a tutorial on making a forge using a cheap charcoal grill, a mix of plaster of paris and sand and a fan. I
  2. I first tried my hand at smithing when I was a teen, and I was rather ignorant about it. I just heated up a metal rod and started pounding. I split the metal in several places and destroyed my moms smoker grill in the process. But here lately I've been doing quite a bit of research and I'm confident I can pull it off now. The only problem I have is funds. I've got kids, and kids aren't cheap. My wife and I work are butts off to provide and we just get by. So the idea I came up with is to build a small forge from scrap I have lying around. An old pan for the forge, a satellite dish mount for th
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