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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have 12000 meters of 4mm diameter copper wire. It is pure 99,9% copper. Unfortunately it is too soft for what i want to use it for. How can i harden it ? I have seen many ways on the web but none is adapted to such a large quantity. Please help. Thank you
  2. I'm making a throwing knife and was wondering at what temp it it the best to heat treat. But I need to know in color of the steel. And then how long do I put in the oven for and at what temp for. Do I have to heat the tip hotter?
  3. Hello. I'm interested in historical metallurgy, and I have a question about differing types of bronzes, specifically copper/tin and copper/arsenic. I cannot seem to find any information about producing harder flavors of bronze (preferably without resorting to zinc/brass). Anyone know specific copper/tin or copper/arsenic alloys that could be used to make tools to work cast bronze (90/10 or 88/12)? -Jeff
  4. I have been using these two following steels for making damascus billets: UHB20C steel with the following properties: UHB15LM steel with the following properties: Now - I am wondering - does anyone here have experience with these steels? I tried hardening a blade in room temperature water, (single bar 100+ layers twisted 15 and 20 steel with a 1,25% C steel as edge steel in a san-mai lamination) but it cracked open at the edge as the lamination came undone in an area approx 1cm long. I then hardened another blade in vegetable oil (dual bar twisted, san-mai lamination) a
  5. Specifications United States: AISI 6150, AMS 6450, AMS 7301, ASTM A322 (6150), ASTM A519 (6150), ASTM A829, SAE J1397 (6150) , SAE J412 (6150), AMS 6448, AMS 6455, ASTM A29 (6150), ASTM A331 (6150), ASTM A752 (6150), MIL. S-8503, SAE J404 (6150), UNSG 61500 International: DIN 50CrV4, EN 50CrV4, Chemistry Crucible: Carbon 0.50, Manganese 0.80, Silicon 0.30, Chromium 1.00, Vanadium 0.15 Metal Ravne: Carbon 0.51, Manganese 0.90, Silicon max. 0.40, Chromium 1.09, Vanadium 0.18, Metal Suppliers Online: Carbon 0.48-0.53, Manganese 0.7-0.9, Silicon 0.15-0.35, Chromium 0.8-0.9, Vanadium
  6. Hey Y'all I had a thought; does quenching a piece in oil prevent as much firescale, or is all the scale formed in the forge, not the quench? Also, does heating a piece in a clay sleeve prevent scale from forming? Thanks and Cheers!
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