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Found 3 results

  1. What do i need to know and have tool wise to start making sheaths. What are useful resources for beginners.
  2. Dear fellows, For your enjoyment, some snapshots of current work on two swords made for the Solingen Knife Maker´s Show in Solingen. (It is that the of year again :-) ) One of the swords is a broad type XIV that is slightly reworked from an earlier version that was prepared for the last year´s Solingen show (but did not make it). I have added some file work on the guard, made a new pommel and changed the grip. The other sword is one that was prepared as a demo piece for the sword class that Zack Jonas hosted in his smithy Tannery Pond Forge this January. It is based on an original that is privately owned but on loan and display in the Met. It is one of the most beautiful type XV swords I have ever seen and it was a true joy to make a replica of it, even if I could not get first hand dimensions of it. However, it was possible to make an estimation based on some published dimensions and photos and from this make a projection of its proportions. Below some images of the original plans and reference material I started out with: This is the design for the type XIV sword, its proportions defined by a geometric plan. In the case of this sword there was already an old blade that had been sitting around for quite a while but for some reason not been completed. The blade is 76 cm long and you can then conclude from the proportions of the geometry that its width is 7,6 cm, since blade width is 1/10 of blade length. The finished sword weighs 1308 gram. IT is a fairly large sword that has an imposing presence because of its width. The blade is thin, however (around 5 mm at the base) and its balance makes it feel smooth and determined in your hand. A drawing that compares some swords of a few swords of largely similar type as the beautiful type XV in the Met. Based on data collected from these swords (concerning dynamic properties, distal taper, edge geometry and so on) I could make an educated guess about the properties of the Met sword. I could project its total length to within a cm, based on known dimensions of another sword displayed alongside. This is the final analysis of proportions and distal taper (as presented in a drawing that was included in the material sent out to the attendees of the sword class):
  3. I started making a skiving knife today. If I'm going to be making knives, I have to work with leather and a good skiving knife is a critical tool to have. I could have just as easily bought one but this is much more fun. I have a large piece of bandsaw blade from an old wood sawmill. I got it cut to shape and ground out. Then started the tedious task of sanding all the rust off. I got the handles roughed out and the pin holes drilled in the handle and in the blank. Then go it sanded to 800 grit. I don't know if I want to go much further. I don't have a buffer. Its on the list though.
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