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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all !! This time i want to show you Langes Messer. Overal length 110 cm Weight 1290 g
  2. I completed this just recently as an item for the trade show at the Deutsches Klingesmuseum, Solingen's "The Sword: Form and Thought" exhibition when it opens this weekend. I'd like to hope that I can claim without too much exaggeration that its among the most accurate langes messer replicas of its style made, its the result of the ongoing research into single-edged arms that I've been doing for some time now, and its actually something I'm happy with, which is virtually unheard of. If it makes any sense, even the mistakes feel right! So, I'm hopeful it meets with approval. This is a Langes Messer or Grossemesser, depending on your choice of name (as with many things about messers, its a little bit of a blurry venn diagram to define where one group ends, and another begins), of a South German fashion, circa 1495-1515. Details are as follows: Overall Length: 1043mm Blade Length: 800mm Weight: 883g Balance point: 120mm from the cross All hilt components are hand-made from 100+ year-old antique wrought iron rather than modern steel, forged to rough size and then finished by hand with file-work and hand-polishing. I've deliberately aimed for a slightly rougher finish, to catch the same markings I've seen on originals - surfaces smoothed by files, rather than sanding, for much of it, for instance. The single-edged blade (no false edge on this one.) is made of EN45 spec steel. The blade shoulder is pierced, and the transverse nagel spike driven through and peined into position. (something that was rather great to do in wrought - it worked far, far better than those made in modern mild steel. I really understand why they made them the way they did, having done it with the right steel now.) The hilt is bound in a very lightly textured vegetanned sheepskin leather over a beech-wood core. The core itself is pinned with copper-alloy tubular pins, and the forged end-cap of wrought is peined into place. It currently has a simple scabbard of vegetan leather over a wooden core, lined with woven wool, but I would like to produce a properly made scabbard for it with extensive tooling copied from surviving late 15th century leatherwork, with a by-knife or pricker with horn or hardwood scales mounted in the scabbard, as per the originals, to really finish it off. ( Anyone got a cloning vat I can borrow for a bit, so I have the spare time? ) Its based on a number of surviving examples, particularly a south German example auctioned by Dorotheum Auctions, Vienna in July 2012, and data from a number of messers in private and museum reserve collections I've studied. The hilt shaping, with its distinctive end-cap curl is based on contemporary woodcut illustrations of messers of this type. But buggerthat. Have some pictures.
  3. Hello again. I want to share with you my current project. It's a messer inspired by 15th century finds. So far it's my longest blade that survived heat treating The overall lenght is circa 62 cm. It's made from very tough nz3 tool steel (it is sometimes used for jack hammer chisels). The blade was made by grinding, but I used some hot forging for the crossguard, nagel and pommel. I am not entirely happy with the guard. The socket was forged on the blade and there are some gaps: I am sure that more skilled blacksmith could have done it better, but it is my limit by now However the fit is rock solid. The piece still requires much work. I have to drill a hole for the nagel, the horn scales are only roughly shaped, the blade needs smooth satin finish. The uptadates won't be frequent, because I have access to my workshop only at weekends (not all of them ), but I hope it will still be worth watching.
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