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Found 13 results

  1. I rcould really use my help with this best. I took the design off of ones I saw on You Tube. But Im getting so little force with the hammer and I don't know why. Does the hammer shaft have to be heavier? Does the bottom anvil need to be beefier? does my pivot and spring mechanism look correct? help? PS- I'm not doing forge work. I Need to make a thousand of the items pictured- Hammered 1/8 bronze rod. IMG_0065.MOV
  2. Its several years off but beggers cant be choosy its only a 50lb that needs some sprucing up but im not complaining the price wasnt bad and just for fun its never been converted for off shaft use sent an email in to see if little giant has anything to tell me about its back story now to dig a footing and do some cleaning
  3. Beta test video of my power hammer build......
  4. I didn't do the best documenting the entire build but I will give you guys what I got. The beginning. The hammer heat treat. I will be finishing up in the next few days and I will post some more pictures and a test video.
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Andre, I’m naturally from Brazil.  I am finishing my kynion style pneumatic hammer but I’m having a low bpm problem and I don’t know what is the main cause, since I have a 250L compressor running with 15bar.. this is the compressor. My piston is kinda big, but I don’t think that it would be a problem to this compressor... it have 115mm on its base, and the arm diameter is 45mm ( don’t know if this is the right word). The length of the closed piston is 85cm and opened is 145cm. to create the air circuit I’ve based myself on crickets air
  6. I did a Google search a couple of ways on this and found that we didn't have a thread with any definitive answers, at least that I could find by permutations of the terms. So, since I like to see anwers, or at least discussions with preferences, easy to find I'd like to ask the users of each or both some questions. Which would be more useful to you for, Pattern welding, Sword making, General knife making ? How about the advantages and disadvantages of each ? This is generally meant to skirt around the questions of different DIY designs (since there are so many var
  7. Hey guys I just picked up a little giant 50# and I have noticed that the clutch seems to be engaged tight when you plug in the motor. You can turn the fly wheel and the whole hammer starts to move without touching the foot treadle. Do you guys have any ideas what might be the problem.
  8. Hey guys I have found a 50lb little giant that is not too far away . It's about 7 1/2 hour drive on the highway and I am wondering the best way to transport this beast. Right now I am leaning towards a uhaul vehicle hauler trailer some tires and ratchet straps which of course means laying her on her side which kind of scares me but from what I understand is pretty safe. Getting her off it and into my shop will be a huge pain but I think I might be able to borrow a fork lift from one of the shops in town and slide her in that way. She ways 1800lbs but I would love some advice on moving
  9. Hi guys so I have been doing some thinking, and came across the idea of getting my hands on a power hammer. But I´m having a hard time finding a supplier closer to where I live (preferably in the European Union) Does anyone have any ideas ? I was thinking about getting a C41-25 Forging hammer 25kg, not the biggest around but Im not planning on going nuts just for hobby damascus. Or should I just stick with building a treadle hammer ?
  10. So I dont have good pictures of it, for some reason all the ones I took on my phone didnt come out while I was looking at the hammer today. I just bought this hammer today, and should have it delivered to my shop in the next week or two (I'm paying someone who has a truck with a crane arm to pick it up and drive it the 20 miles to my house) so I need to make sure I clear the space for it, and build a wooden base for it. I also need to get a VFD or phase converter for it, since it's currently running on a 2hp 3phase motor but I dont have 3 phase power in my shop. I drove over to take a lo
  11. I've been hunting for a small mechanical power hammer for my workshop for some time and I think that I've finally found my hammer =) This may not look like much yet, but... its' all there. (in boxes and crates spread across a shed) After talking with the owner, we're going to rebuild and reassemble it up at his shop late this winter, and put it on a sturdy portable foundation of a 4x4 steel 1" plate, ontop of rubber shock cushioning, ontop of a rock maple base. The current owner has rebuilt many hammers, and already has jigs set up for machining new dovetails for the sow block, making n
  12. Greetings, gentlemen. One important question for you, please: My bladesmithing master installed power hammer in his shop - the type embedded in the floor in a deep pit, with proper cushioning (as per instructions). However, when it's put to work, the entire house is shaking - and since it's fairly old house, the end result is that he is unable to use the power hammer at all. It was quite costly, so we're trying to figure out what else can we do to be able to use it. Recently, my master came across notion of some kind of "pneumatic absorption pillows", that could possibly solve this pr
  13. Well, I've spent enough money on supplies that I decided it was time to start a thread about this. I've been slowly planning out this build, and am finally pulling the trigger on some materials. Last week I brought home this used motor to power the beast, 1.5 HP industrial motor, single phase, 220 v. Then today whilst wandering the scrapyard I found the right hunk of steel for the anvil, 9.25" dia steel, 3' long. Weighs in about #700. That's all for now, I'll keep ya'll updated as I slowly get together the stuff to start the build.
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