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Found 3 results

  1. I started working on this when everyone was posting bird-trout knives...took me a while. Its actually a production wood carving blade, mounted on walnut and elk antler. Carved on both sides. Hope you like!
  2. hello, i've been looking through this forum for some time now, learning lots of things, and appreciating lots of nice work by you guys! this is my first finished knife. it's made out of an old nicholson file, redgum, brass and copper. the blade was hardened, tempered to a light golden brown and then the spine was tempered further with the edge in water. it's a scandi grind with a tiny secondary bevel? is there a name for this sort of grind? it looks a bit battered, but i had to test it out, and i think i prefer it than the shiny new look anyway. i would very much appreciate any constructive criticism or thoughts cheers
  3. Made my first complete knife last year. Old file laminated in mild. Not too happy with it because of a hammer mark, but because I had to hand it in finished I went ahead and finished it with a non-figured piece of oak for the handle. Then I changed my mind and wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I filled the pores with bark powder oil paste. Sheath is the result of experimenting with stain and beeswax paste, this gave a rather tattered and rough finish. But I sort of like it rough, it's meant for use. Farriers' rasp wifeknife. Double edged blades are frowned upon in my country, so let's call it a letter opener, that is something everyone can agree with. The intended use is even more benign, it's meant to cut yarn and thread when sewing or knitting, as well as slicing snacks like dried meats and sausage which so often accompanies textile handycrafts in this house. I'll have to make some dies for the doming of the handle, this was freehand and is hardly perfect. I much prefer the way the shape of a single edge flows, but one the other hand this knife works just as well upside down as upside up. This ill lit picture is not so much of the knife as it is of the wonderful stones it's resting on. They're whetstones from Eidsborg, the first large scale industrial export article in Norway. A thousand years ago they were famous. One of several blades that needs handles, this is my first attempt at chainsaw chain. I had to cut and "fold" five times before I was satisfied with the billet, so I didn't get any recognizable pattern. The reason for my trouble is probably that I just lumped together a chain and started hammering, I'll be more methodical and cut and arcweld first next time.
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