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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my new acquisition in my workshop... A tool that I'm now the proud and thankful owner of. A beautifully built, custom made, electric heat treating kiln for my sword blades. Checkout some photos: I am really really pleased with it. Its undoubtedly going to make my life a LOT easier and less stressful when it comes to heat treating. I need to give a BIG thank you to Michael Lenaghan, who kindly gave me all of the details of how he custom ordered his own identical kiln! Which mine is based off of. Seen here: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=23692&hl (Michael and I are technically the only two guys in the world who own such a strange Frankensteined sword-in-mind made kiln) Michael kindly pointed me to the local ceramics company who he bought it from, the Sounding Stone, in Canada: http://soundingstone.com/splash.do I contacted them, and they then had a kiln making company called "Olympic Kilns" custom build it for me. Their site: http://www.greatkilns.com/ It was much more affordable than some of the other kilns on the market, and I like this design much better because its a top loader instead of a side loader. Yes the heat escapes dangerously when you open it up at critical heat, but its a danger worth risking right!?... Ironically, I also fixed my old propane sword heat-treating forge, which I asked for advice about on here, and you guys kindly chimed in. here is what it looks like currently: I have no regrets about buying my kiln, even though my propane is working great too. I plan on using them both in tandem, for different purposes and in different ways. A couple questions for those of you with experience or knowledge with putting pointy pieces of steel into a kiln like this..... 1: What would be my wisest option of placing a blade in the kiln? Obviously I think laying a double edged sword flat on the floor would make the top side hotter than the bottom, so that's a no no. But what if I laid a sword blade on a few little chunks of broken fire brick, evenly spaced and all the same height, so that they raised the blade enough off the floor that both sides might evenly heat?? Or should I lay it in on one of the two edges? the blade being perpendicular to the floor? If so, how?? 2: I've forever heard/read here on the forum about some of you guys using "Anti-Scale" stuff on your blades prior to heat treating. I feel that with a setup like this I should now consider it?? With that in mind; what the hell even is "Anti-Scale" for steel??? And where can I find it? Or can I make it??? I'm sure google could answer this question for me. But I trust you guys more.. Please let me know your thoughts, ideas, distractions, or your opinions on the Geo-political nature of lama's in the comments below!... Thanks guys
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