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Folding cable billets

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Now that I'm done with the twisting part, this is what became of that 1 inch, 1 foot cable. Thanks for all those who chimed in at my first cable thread.






This is after a first pass on the grinder.


I noticed that there are shallow gaps along the billet. These are from the strand twist direction.


I assume that they can be ground off totally, but I don't want to remove too much material.


Will this be a problem when I fold this onto itself?


Will it help If I flatten it further on the power hammer, before folding?


Thanks in advance.



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The gaps represent areas that did not weld. You may be able to just leave the billet like it is, cut it in two or three, restack and reweld. Some of those gaps will close. If the gap is filled with dried up flux (tends to be) then it will become molten with the next welding heat and you may be able to squeeze the flux out of the gap and close it. The billet looks good to me otherwise. Good job.

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Thank you gentlemen.


I plan to make another billet to add to this, instead of just folding it.


I will also try to do the initial welds on a bench vise. I think the constant pressure exerted by the vice is more effective at welding than just hand hammering it. Or maybe i just lack experience at banging cable damascus billets, unlike most of you guys.


Well maybe a bit more practice and I'll get it.


Thanks again.



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