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I worked this sword up a month or so ago, and I would like to sell it.


I did a little bit of knotwork carving, and a carving of a butting ram. There is the name "Ramsword" burned in runes just below the top scabbard fitting.


Given the shape of the fittings and resiliancy of the sword I thought it was the perfect animal to include.


The blade has a forged fuller, and is very flexable. I can bend it almost 90 degrees over my knee, and it has not taken any set.


It is just hard enough to not let a file bite. I think I got the bainite mix just right on this one.






Blade - 5160 bainite\martensite mix.


Handle and scabbard - White ash


Fittings - blackened mild steel and leather spacers


Length - 38 1\2" overall


Blade- a bit over 29"


Width - 1 7\8" at the base of the blade, 1 11\16" before the tip turns


Thickness - 3\16" all the way down untill the tip turns












I would like $900.00 US for this sword




Sorry about the terrible photos...


Mike Lambiase

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Looks awesome Mike!


love the rough forged fuller.


and I really like the curled crossbar and pommel! I think I saw an illustration of a historic viking sword that had its guard and pommel like that but I've never seen it actually reproduced well! :)



awesome work. keep at it brother!

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Any chance we could get an up-close picture of that fuller? It intrigues me.




And the pommel area and the guard area. Please. Oh , and I just love the sword. I think most would have carried such a sword. Not a kings sword, but a very well made warriors sword.

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I got to handle this piece up close and personal. It's actually alot nicer then the pictures show.

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"I realize that the market is not good right now, but I am pressed to move this sword.


I will entertain reasonable offers.



Mike Lambiase"




Dude, dont sell youself short man!! its all about presentation and just getting yourself out there enough.


Polish it up make it sheen a bit more. take some really sharp direct shots of it and post it over at Swordforum.com!


thats where most of the interested buyers are. This piece is top notch. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

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Hey, not a problem.


The more web coverage I can get, the better.


I just hope you didn't bust me up too bad on another forum ;)


And I would be ecstatic to finally get rid of this sword. It's been around long enough to become a part of my home decor...


Mike Lambiase

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