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Indescribable  mpeg video


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This link came off the sword list.    www.nihonto.ca/Knives.mpeg


It's a big file and will take some time to download, however I tried to just post the link into the address bar and it jumped up right quick.  


You just have to watch, everytime I even think about it I become seriously incommunicative.  It's as close to the Monty Python lethal joke as I have ever seen.  



There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. Will Rogers

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Oh my god....  Darwinism at work....   :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:
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that was hilarious in so many ways... i love how he was just about to say something about the durability of that POS... and i love the way that his co worker sort of calmly dismisses the whole thing with a joke.


i used to have a clip from HSN where a guy fell from a ladder while they where bragging it up as well.


i hate to say it, but there is a little piece of my heart that likes to see stupid people get hurt.



thanks for the laugh,


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one broken stainless- $44


Medical attention- $150


America seeing the truth about "good priced" factory "swords"- Priceless


There are some things money cant buy, with every thing else theres master card.

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One of my favorite stupid people tricks



Added: January 21, 1998 Submitted by Beth

This is by far my favorite story from my boyfriend, who works as a 911 dispatcher (I can't tell you where, he's not even supposed to tell me these things).


The conversation goes something like this:


Dispatcher: _


My boyfriend looked up the fact there was indeed a report of a stolen jeep, the guy's address from the phone number, and was still on the phone with the guy when the police he dispatched burst into the guy's apartment and arrested him.

If God told you his plans, you wouldn't believe it anyway.

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