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W2 Frontier?? Persian?? Fighter??


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8" W2 blade 12 1/2" overall with active hamon.

Red Latigo over buckskin handle.

Turk's head on the Latigo thong.


This is my first attempt at a sellable blade, and my first presentation to the public.

All comments welcome.



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A rose by any other name is still a rose. Call it what you want. A person will buy the knife because he or she likes the looks of it and thinks that it will serve a certain purpose. The knife looks like it is well made and it deffinantly has a certain eye appeal. Good work.


Doug Lester

HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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seeing stuff like that makes me more reluctent to show what I'v been up to

great job!!!!

that blade will make someone very happy



Cal Knives


Suio Ryu Iai Kenpo

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Thank you for your comments guys it's nice to hear some positive feedback from someone other than my wife lol. Im still working on improving, and I hope to have more in the future.

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