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got my five done for blade

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well i got my five kives for the js judging done still not sure about them but let's here what you guys think don't hold back

w2 from Mace thanks and iron wood


1084 and iron wood


1095 and buckeye


1084 and maple


1084 and maple



thanks for looking


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Very nice collection there. My favorite is the first one. On a side note, excellent choice of a background for the knives. The river stones go quite well with the handle material. Good luck on the test.

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Dave those are some fine looking knives. All the best at blade.



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It's hard to see the fine detail that the ABS judges are going to look at, but in general, I like them.


I didn't get my last piece done until the Tuesday before Blade, so you've got me beat there. Now all you have to do is wait, fuss, and fret. :wacko:


Good fortune to you.



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D--Looks good from here. Lotta time spent on these nice knives.


Top and bottom knives might have been through the process a couple of mine went through.grin. (mirror finished then pulled with 600) I like them better the way you finished them.


Beautiful wood and finish on the handles and guards.


If your edges are straight, you should be home safe.



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They are all exellent David!!

The third one is my favorite, I like the handle...

Is the second one the knife you showd me at Trois-Rivieres?


Good job!!



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From what I can see in the pictures you did a great job on the finish. Really superior workmanship. If they look as good up close as they do in the pictures, I think that you should have it made.


Doug Lester

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