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Blade - Tremblay W-2 with hamon

Spacer - Water buffalo horn

Handle - tulipd wood with mosaic pin from Jantz


Japanese style santoku

Got this done the other day so figured I'd post it, all that's left is to sharpen it up. It may end up being a gift for a friend.

Quite pleased with how it turned out, so feedback is welcome.

Going to try to get the hamon a big higher on the back end of the blade next time.

Blade was taken to 600 grit etched and then polished with red iron oxide in mineral oil, repeated a few times.


Any questions feel free to ask...

Comments and critiques are welcome.







Images hosted on photobucket.

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That is quite nice. Good job.

Larry Sharp

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ooooer ...... me likey. :)


though i look at that and the home chef in me kicks in and just wants to cook ..

must ... refrain .... from .... making ... sushi! :lol:


its a really nice piece of wood too ..



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The nori (seaweed) is what makes sushi taste fishy. If you like that flavor youll like sushi, otherwise look for types of sushi that arent made with it. Kinda wierd to me that raw fish tastes less fishy than the seaweed. I guess it soaks up all that salt and stuff from the ocean.

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