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Propane tank WARNING


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I got this from Mike Linn in Alabama


Apparently our considerate meth lab neighbors have been using rental propane bottles to store their anhydrous ammonia. The ammonia rots the brass valves and can lead to rupture and serious consequences. Check out the tanks for signs of blue corrosion before you pick one up. For more information read the bulletin by the National Propane Gas Association

Don Fogg

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I'd gotten an email that went around about this just the other day.


Nice thing about those fiberglass tanks is they don't explode.

I remember the thread where someone had posted about a refueling station he worked near that had an explosion.

Someone then followed it up with the info on the fiberglass tanks. They instead melt and vent, which you might have a nice fire, but they don't explode. So a bit safer.

Beau Erwin


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not cool! the one I have is my own. it was out of date and I had to buy a new one. but I thought what the heck and kept the old one not knowing I'd turn it into a forge one day.

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