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here's a wee one i've been working on, part sgian dubh, part kwaiken, part boot kinfe. full, slightly tapered tang, 3.5", double edged blade. clay hardened EN9, with hitatsura (in that it's all cloudy habuchi, with very little unhardened ji) hamon. fileworked tang and carved macassar scales.






there's still some polishing compound in the carving, and i may re-polish the blade a little to bring out more in the hamon, but let me know what you think.

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I like it Jake ! Though I am not all that fond of double edges for my own personal use, this looks great. Nice shape.


Is this the one you were wondering how to get the misty stuff to show better in ?


thanks Howard. Yeah, this is the one - i know there is some nice stuff going on in there, but i can't seem to bring it out.

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