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Need feedback on guard


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Just finished this fighter, I am not real pleased with the shape of the guard. Before I pin and epoxy the handle on what do you guys think.Am I being overcritical or does it need to go on a diet, IE narrow towards the two ends.Appreciate any and all comments.ThanksChrisknife26.jpgknife27.jpgknife28.jpgknife29.jpg

Chris Williams

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Hello Chris.


You do yourself honor to ask before completion. So I will tell you MY opinion.


Use the gas burner ( torch?) and heat the guard´s ends very carefully ( one at a time :) ). When they are well heated, take a tong and start bending the end towards the blade ( back-side) and towards the pommel ( edge-side), thus shaping it to a slight S-form. If you are REAL brave, you might even forge the ends a bit, trying to make them a bit longer.


I guess it would really suit this - real elegant - knife a lot.


Best regards, and nice work so far!!!





Knifemaker, Germany

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An 's' guard would look great on that one, or a bit of reduction to the ends, it does look a bit clunky on so graceful a blade.

George Ezell, bladesmith

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Hey chris , how are you . How does the knife feel in your hand , is their balance? how about fit ? does it fit the hand, does it feel right . If you answered yes ,then its probably OK......... I also think guard looks a little big but,not terrible You can always find a little something wrong with any blade !? Just a personal observation. ................ Bubba-san

Edited by bubba-san
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Chris, I agree with the other posters; the gaurd isn't too massive, but the angles are a bit harsh. I concur that some rounding and reshaping to more of an "S" will go a long way to making it look more graceful.





"Geometry says how sharp, steel says how long." - Roman Landes, Ashokan 2009


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- George Orwell

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If it were me, I would take the above suggestions one step further... from the side, a mild S-curve, but when seen from in front, I would suggest waisting the material just beyond where the blade itself passes through it, and then tapering the tips to make a well-rounded spade shape.


(playing in Paint for a moment...)


Like this:




Good luck, and thanks for sharing. It's a beautiful piece.

The Tidewater Forge

Christopher Price, Bladesmith

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First off thanks everyone for the feedback, that is exactly what I needed to hear. I would have hated to just finish it up today and regret if for the coming years. I am going to use everyones feedback and post the finished piece in a few days.

Thanks again everyone, thats why I love this place.

PS Chris P. I love the shape and plan to do exactly that along with all the other recommendations.


PSS Bubba it feels real good in the hand, and has a full distal taper. Its funny the knife looks small in the photos but it has a 13 inch blade. I hated the idea of wasting any of the damascus so used it all.

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Chris Williams

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If it were me, I'd taper the corners of the guard in, and thin slightly towards the edges. What stands out to me is the "squareness" of the guard from the front view. You've got such a nice taper to the blade that I think tapering the guard in both directions would match up nicely with the lines of the rest of the knife.


Just my $.02.



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awesome blade! if it were me I might reduce the length of the guard in an attempt to keep the flow of the blade going from tip to stem, also and i've obviously never done this- hence my suggestion, but what about flaring out the guard along the spine as sort of a thumb rest and then possibly curling the bottom edge back and drawing it out longer as a fore-finger notch, all while keeping the s-curve???.............on second thought maybe ignore us all and do what you want? -VERY NICE WORK!!

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