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the black woodpecker

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hello together,


here is a new knife for an archer.


this strange name?

- it has to save arrows out of trees and it looks like nibbled by a woodpecker...;-)


some specs:


carbonsteel 0,85%C, forged

diff. hardened

tang peened

ebony carved


length: 22cm

blade: 10cm

thickness. 5 - 2,5mm


the sheath has to fit to a quiver in different positions


have fun!























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Very nice! I like how you've played with texture and carving. I think it deserves a more "organic" sheath like some of your other work, but I realize it's more about function than form on this one :)

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I was sort of expecting to see a bird and was pleasantly surprised exellent work.


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You out did yourself that time. I love therough carved look of that and how the pattern of the spine and the bolster continue seemlessly into the handle. A lot of times when I see that kind of carving it apperars random but the patterning and placement you did really improves apon that. Great work.

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@ all,

thank you for your kind words!

this texture was much fun, but much work too- now I own a lot of dump inserts of my dremel...



you are right- this sheath was built by a leather-pro to customer`s exact demands...

and I was happy, that I hadn`t to build it-



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@ antonio,


thank you for your kind post!




thank you for your message-

I think, YOU should do the job with this strange crazy chicken...

it`s a demanding job for an expert- smith...;-)


smiling regards



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I'm an archer, and I am sure the recipient will be very pleased with the look, and most important the functionality of this knife.


Very nice indeed! If it were mine, a different sheath more in keeping with the blade as others have said...but its another fine knife for sure.

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I keep coming back and looking at this one. I think what I really like is that the dimpling, besides being decorative in a great way, is also very functional. Alot of integrals look like it might be easy for the hand to side and contact the edge, but not this one. It looks like a very secure grip.


Beautiful work!

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