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Yes. That is definitely a fossilized Horn Coral. Below are some pictures. The first picture is what your piece would look like if you polished a slice of it. Below that is a picture of a cabachon made from material found in Utah that is colored red by mineralization.





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Cool find! My daughter is very much into fossils and she enjoyed seeing the pic.

Everything I need to know I learned from the people trapped in my basement.



I'm out of my mind but feel free to leave a message.

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Thank you!

I also found two little brachiopode, little fossilized shells. Acording to what I've read there are a few species in that spot.

Somewhere there are trilobites...








'S either a brachiopod or a bivalve..


What rock did you find them in?

I had a strange thought the other day.

If I were locked in a room with a copy of myself, i wouldn't like me very much.

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