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Competition knife

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Between the orders I managed to finish this competition knife for the Dutch Knife Exhibition this November. It is forged out of 1.2510 (O1) and is 7mm thick at the spine and tapered towards the point.

The guard and pommel are stainless steel, the grip green linnen micarta which I blasted.

I gave the knife a foliage green gunkote finish (the color is darker than on the photo's) because I want to use it for some other acticities also.



Blade: 24.5 cm (9.6 inches)


Grip: 13 cm (5.1 inches)




Here are the pics:













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Wow! tht's a cool looking one there! When you say a competition knife; what's the rules for a knife? any place i can go to for the guidelines? Please keep us updated on how it performed in the competition. Thanks for showing it. Willie

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He Willie,


Well there is no competition in the Netherlands right now. Together with a friend we organize the Dutch Knife Exhibition (dutch knifeshow). This year we start the competition during the show to see if there is enough interest.


We allow custom knives, semi-customs and production knives as long as they meet the requirements. (dimensions are the same as in the USA). We train the participants in safety on seperate days before the actual competition.


When there is enough interest we might join a bigger international organisation.

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