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new old anvil

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just got a new to me anvil it is a big one not sure how much it weighs i think it is 350-400 lbs. rings like a bell and it is harder than my hammers the face is dead flat. there are no markings i can see .it is 32"overall 5.75"wide and 14" high. any of you have an idea what kind it is :blink:





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Oh Yeah! Sweet find on this one! That thing has many years of hard work left in it. You do not see many that nice these days. As far as the make, my guess is a Peter Wright. Try wirebrush the side away from you when you are facing the anvil and the horn points to your left. Sometimes a dusting of flour wiped off gently, so that it settles in the recesses, will show the markings up better.



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