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Video: Forging a tanto

Jesus Hernandez

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I was fooling around and decided to see how well I could record video with my photo camera. Turns out I had to delete about half of the footage because the autofocus of the camera was playing tricks on me. This is a video of what I salvaged.


Edited by Jesus Hernandez

Enjoy life!

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nice vid!


and nice press too.


is it just me, or are you using a finle maker's hammer?

jared Z.


lilzee on britishblades.


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That was great video quality, great video too, thanks for posting

J Anderson R


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Thanks for the comments.


The steel in the billet is tamahagane. These bars came from two smelts. One yielded soemthing like 1050. The other something like 1095 or a bit more carbon. So I combined the two together and we'll see what turns out.


I don't know who made my hammer. I wish I knew since I have become so used to it and I would like to have another one like it.


I do tend to forge hotter than most. Specially when working this material. But not at white heat. The white balance of the camera may be a bit off. I can forge pretty quickly when it's hotter and this metal moves very fast. I will turn down the heat as I get to the final stages of forging in preparation for thermal cycling.

Enjoy life!

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Thank you Jesus , very informative stuff for a new guy like me . The second and third times I watched it is just because I never lose my fascination for watching the steel take shape . The camera angle was great for that !

Ken Burbank

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Great video, Thanks for sharing. Nice shop.

Ben Potter Bladesmith



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