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Body for propane forge...just pay shipping


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I just lucked into a few SCBA tanks that firefighters use while in fires. The department upgraded to high pressure steel tanks and have not used the low pressure tanks of "the old days." I was given a few of them and really don;t need as many as they gave me. I know for sure that i will not be using two of them. I'm not sure what shipping costs, but I'd be more than happy to ship them to someone that wants them. I think they'd work GREAT for a vertical forge. the necked end as a base would allow for a slag drain. Thats my plan when i try making one into a forge in the near future. I do not have dimensions of them, but I'd guess about 6 or 7" in diameter and maybe 24" in height.


follow link for picture similar to tank



Have you ever thought about the life of steel? It's interesting to think that you can control the fate of a piece of metal.

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