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Coyote Jaw Bone Necker aka CactusRose 26

Wild Rose

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I've still got a few of my late compadres, Gib Guignard's hand forged blade so I handled up this 4 1/2" dag style blade using a pair of coyote jawbones with buffalo rawhide wrap.

The neck sheath is braintan over a bark tan liner and the neck piece is braintan with red trade wool liner. The sheath is decorated with denatalium shells, glass, copper, and brass beads, fringe, tin cone and buffalo hair dangles.





Chuck Burrows

Wild Rose Trading Co



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that musta taken awhile........wow wow


i never liked the look of those neck knives... but this won me over... !

love the color theme and the fit of the blade... i think its very artistic

and one of Gib's blades to top it off... excellent



Greg ;) ;)

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very nice job, i love those rustic jaw bone knives

"One who is samurai must before all things" Keep constantly in mind, by day and by night. the fact that he has to die...


-Dai Doji Yuzon-

16th Century



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