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Simon Attwood

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Hi Ken,

Thanks for the explanation. I will do a search in a few minutes. I was getting ready to start on an electric heat treat oven when I ran into this thread. You guys made some great looking equipment. I saw a shot of one that you made, did you make the burner?







Yup! I made the burner following Darren Ellis' design, more or less. Works great! There is some interesting information about the T-Rex on Ron Reil's web site. I would give you the URL but I dimly recall a copyright issue that was brought to my attention about posting links from the Abana site. What you can do is find it yourself by Googling Ron Reil T-rex. It will pop right up for you about the 3rd or 4th entry.




I think I might have erred in my statement comparing the congressmen to the T-rex. I should have said they BOTH have brains the size of BB's!

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Ok Racca, formally known as spiritbear, you wanted to see a pic of my forge. Well I found our camera and my wife took a few photos for me. It's not much, but it heats metal.



Here is my gasser. In it's old place in Cheyenne Wyoming. It now lives unused here in Illinois.


Edited by Mike Sheffield

My life is like shaving with a razor sharp machete. It's a bit awkward and I feel a sting every now and then, but in the end I'm happy with the results.

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Here is my newest creation made out of a 7 gal air tank 1" of wool coated with santanite and finally ITC 100 inside is about 8" in diameter by 15" long I wanted somthing with a little more room to try and reduce the hot spots for more temp control when heat treating the burner is an Ellis forced air.






With tool rest extended




The little hole to the left of the opening is for a temp probe

It's running at about 1800 F with 2lbs of pressure

Tim Musselman

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Really nice set up Bryan!! I really like the bamboo too!


Mine is not as poetic:




It has a small "boosting blower" and the cast flare is held in place with the little ring at the base of the burner.

It is made out of and old metal milk jug.

I'm planning to make a vertical one soon.



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Ive got No.3 & No.5 welders shades that I wear when forging, couldnt find the didywhatchmacalits for love nor money. Im hoping the shades keep out the worst of the nasties. At least since ive got the glasses I can see after looking into the forge! :)

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Sorry about the poor pictures it hotter and brighter than it looks and deeper in color, bad camera, but here are pics of it. These are all taking in the first three minutes of lighting it, running at 3psi. The piece of metal isn't a dull red, but a bright orange, almost yellow, bad camera.






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As I said in the "Show your Anvil" thread - long time listener, first time caller.


I'm finally getting my hobby shop set up again after a too-long break. These forums are part of the inspiration for that so I thought I'd share my meager forge photos. It isn't as impressive as most here, but I'm still pretty proud of it. It is my first experience with a propane forge (though years with coal) so it's been a learning experience. I'll definitely think twice before firing up a coal forge again - propane is so much easier and cleaner!






The "stand" is a craw-dad cooker. I'll be upgrading to something a bit more practical soon, but it works in the meantime.

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