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Cable and Olive Micarta

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Here's the second knife of the order :


Blade : 1" cable forged into a differentially heat treated blade.

Guard : 416 Stainless

Handle : Olive Twill Homemade Micarta with a mosaic pin


This one I was also pleased with how it turned out. Had a small divot on the top of the spine edge that I'd came up with a remedy for, which also makes a pretty cool feature. I just added small bevels down both sides of the blade along the spine which removed the little mark and added additional facets that play with the light when the blade is moved around.


Bought a little 2x42 sander which I may end up making some modifications to, but it's job was for shaping handles more interestingly. Which it does pretty well, just have to use it some more to learn it's limits. If I'm able to make some modifications that I'm thinking about, it'll make it a bit more versatile. So I did even more sculpting on the handle of this one giving it more contours. Also feels great in hand.

Questions and comments welcome.







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thats a great looking knife. Olive twill Micarta? I dont know where it comes from but I would love to own it.

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Beautiful blade Beau, beautiful grip as well.

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Thanks everyone!

Alan, this one might be a bit more comfy in hand, but the other feels pretty good as well, you can get a real good grip on both. When I got done with this one, and was looking at it I was even kinda thinking it had a little of a military feel to it.


I'm looking forward to trying out the little sander some more. I think it was a good idea getting it. Mainly bought it because you could slack belt on it, now I'm thinking about doing an addon, to allow for some other belt sizes.


Tang location usually dictates where the pin goes for me the most, but I try to aim them somewhere that looks good as well.



Fun thing on these knives is I've cut out a lot of hand sanding. On these two the only hand sanding I really did was the 600grit. YAY!

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