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cleaver (work in progress)

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I havnt posted anything in a while...

This is a cleaver I am working on for a commission:-

9 bars of 15 layer twist..... In hind sight I really could have reversed (chevroned) the twist but it is ok as is .




The ferrule is a piece of barrel wrapped damascus .I accidentally left it in the ferric for a long weekend and it had real (read in mm) depth I like it, but its a little likely to attract dirt ,so I may do a blackened caranuba wax fill between the bright metal bits .It has a depth of etch akin to some of the saxon swords I have seen in the British museum vaults ... A thousand year etch!!!




here is a close up of the blade pattern ,would make good wrapping paper .




It will have a damascus rear ferrule and but cap with the letter H in the pattern. I hope to have the whole thing finished soon!!


Thanks for looking Owen

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Thanks for the comments ,

The handle is stablaised red wood ,this will be a user (the client is a serious meat eater ) so the handle material has to be long lived. I also like the subtleness of red wood. There is too much going on in the blade for a crazy burled handle .The handle is round and turned on my metal lathe .

The but cap will be another bit of barrel damascus with a plug welded (jump welded) end cap( with the letter H detail in the pattern) and slight flair and possibly some grooving done on the lathe .

Edited by owen bush
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Oh man, wow! I really like your choice of handle material, I agree about the subtlety of the red oak not detracting from that wicked blade pattern. Amazing!

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Oh, my beard! :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:


I wish I knew a butcher who needed one of those, I'd love to try my hand at it. Incidentally, I think you did right by using straight twists. Chevrons would have been a little too distracting, in my opinion. LOVE the ferrule, by the way, and the redwood is perfect.


Heck, I love the whole piece! B)

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Beautiful work, I love that fuller, might have to use that someday.

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Good work Owen!


Did you weld the ferrule as a spiral? Can you shed some light on that detail?

I like the wild spirit of this piece, meeting the functional shape of the cleaver. Makes for a rich and intriguing character. Some years back I sketched a series of chefs knives on the theme A Happy Cannibal in the Kitchen. They were sort of along these lines, but not quite so attractive.

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