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My official resignation to the Non Finishers Club

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After 3 Tantos, 2 Filipino style fighters--some left unfinished and some cracked, and almost 3 years of beating junkyard steel... I finally completed a knife. From blade, handle furniture, to sheath--all made by me.


Blade is 5.5" long, hand forged from a large 5160 truck leaf spring, quenched in used Jollibee oil(the equivalent of McDonald's here). Polished to 1000 grit.


Bolster / guard carved from a large stock of brass, polished to 1000.


Handle is from a large chunk of 100-year old Molave(Mulawin) wood. The design was inspired by Mr. Andersen's fabulous work. Rubbed with linseed oil for protection.


Tang peened over a copper washer.


Sheath is made of water buffalo hide, hence the large pores. Beaten copper clip inspired by Mr. Wieland's work.










Okay, since Sam Salvati is no longer the president of the NFC, who do I send this to? :lol: :lol:

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Mabuhay E.! :D


Great job on this all 'round. From the knife to the sheath she's a beaut. That beaten copper detail on the sheath really does it for me. I hope we dont have to wait another 3 years for more from your shop :lol:


...now get back in the shop and make some more!



P.S. great pics by the way, is this the sunlit soft-box you talked about? Nice.

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Congratulations on getting there! It sounds like you have been in a similar situation to me, having to experiment and figure things out on your own. While the productivity level of finished knives is not much, hammering out steel on your own and learning the hard way has its benefits. Your work is a testament of that, hard learning can produce good results.


I have seen so many horribly done knives in both the Philippines and Thailand, its like people here forgot how to make knives and swords. I learned a great deal about design from the knives of Southeast Asia and as I go home to America It is good to see your new work and I look forward to seeing many more knives from you. I hope you and the rest of the guys from the P.I. continue to raise the standards and keep bladesmithing alive in the Islands, best of luck to you.

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if we are voting for a new chairman of the NFC...I could be "the candidate"..:)

around 10 knives to finish and .....:(

your knife and the sheath are very nice made !


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Great looking knife and way to knock it out of the park on the first completed knife. You do great work. I agree with Adlai though you have to have completed more knives than you have blades laying around the shop before your free from the non-completer club. So get back out there and get those other blades turned into knives and remember to show your work here.


Clay Walker

Ragnarok Forge

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Congratulations on your resignation! :lol: That's a fine-looking package, I'm glad you waited until everything was ready to be born. I've found that when I force the issue things don't end up the way they're supposed to. :wacko: This one looks right. B)

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