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Wrought iron anchor chain


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Hey Guys,


Been away from the forums for a while, need to raise some money. I've got about 1000 pounds of very high quality wrought iron anchor chain for sale. The links weigh in at 9 pounds each. What I would like to do is to sell it in lots of 5 links for $50 Plus shipping, which is $14, so that is about $1 a pound not counting shipping.




Edited to update shipping price..... it nearly doubled since last time I sold this stuff!, and even with the slightly higher price, is still a good deal. As of now, I've got about 400 pounds still available, and if there is more interest, I'll make some of my "personal stash" available as well.

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yes please! i'll take an order if you've still got some.


can you fit 5 of them into a flat rate box?

jared Z.


lilzee on britishblades.


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