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Surprise hamon

Louie M.

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I just finished the etch on a new tanto and had quite a surprise when I first looked at the hamon. The dragon popped out right in front of my eyes. It was not something that was planned what so ever, it just happened. I have been experimenting with different clay mixtures and applications but I think the blade just did what it wanted to do in spite of me. As Howard alluded to in another thread maybe the spirit of the blade decided to show its face this time.

I hope some one else finds it interesting too. Don, this is my first time trying to post a photo, I hope I did it right.


Louie ( Yasutomo )


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not only is it a dragon, but it's a happy dragon!!!

"When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us, the doors of our souls fly open and love steps forth to heal everything in sight."  Michael Bridge

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All things when shown the proper respect will show their true spirit. It is a very nice looking hamon.

 I have heard that those who celebrate life walk safely amongst the wild animals.

When they go into battle, they remain unharmed, the animals find no place to attack them

and weapons are unable to harm them.

Why? Because they find no place for death in them.


Shamanic Proverb

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Louis and his magic box bellows! That is stupendous! That hamon is too awesome.

My life is like shaving with a razor sharp machete. It's a bit awkward and I feel a sting every now and then, but in the end I'm happy with the results.

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Thank you for the comments everyone. I think it is probably one of the neatest hamon's I have ever done ( or happened I should say) . The other side is quite different even though the clay application was identical which is why I feel the blade did what it wanted, not what I wanted. The blade was made from my oroshigane . I will be sending it to John De Mesa and he will be posting better pics on his web site. I will try to be more active here and post pics when I have something I think will interest someone.


Louie ( Yasutomo )

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Hi y'all,


Sorry it took me a while to get some pictures taken of Louis cool hamon. Been having problems with my computer getting my replacement. Still waiting but I really wanted to get some pics up for Louis. These are just some quick shots that I took today to put on my site. I'll just post some links ok.


You should be able to see a couple of High Resolution of a couple of close up of the Dragon Hamon:


Louis Mills Dragon Hamon


And here's some pics of both sides of the blade:


Louis Mills Dragon Tanto


Sorry for the crappy pics, that's the best I can do for now. Hope you guys like it.


John De Mesa


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nice hamon and very beautiful steel. Thank you for the pics.

"One who is samurai must before all things" Keep constantly in mind, by day and by night. the fact that he has to die...


-Dai Doji Yuzon-

16th Century



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