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Hello friends!

This knife is finished in January 2009. Carved with Dremmel tool. A work of almost two months and many broken bits of tungsten carbide.


Blade: stainless steel d3.

Length: 17.5 cm, handle: Jacarandá of Bahia.

bolsters and pins: Nickel silver textured.


seath: cow leather


Thanks for looking.





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:blink::o ...I think I got a boner...WOW. :o :o



no thinking about it, trust me it's full blown.......and man that is so perfect, and i love that is't dark, to contrast with the blade, and give that old time smith hand made look. if that makes sense.



gorgeous!!!!! that knife that is :lol:

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WOW! I have NEVER seen anything like that before. I don't have that kind of patience. Excellant!

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I hope you understand it as a compliment when I say: Dude, that is psychotic!


That much effort in one knife is simultaneously amazing and bordering on the obsessive (but in a good way).


Very, very impressive. Wow. Just . . . wow.


Aesthetics aside (you won that argument!), are you concerned at all about the structural integrity of the knife with that much of the spine carved away? Of course, I realize that an art knife such as this will probably never be used in any significant way.


Having said that, I think one of the wonderful things about bladesmithing is that it challenges the distinction between purely aesthetic and purely utilitarian objects. In other words: Our art works.


Assuming you agree with the sentiment that art blades should also perform, do you think this particular, utterly georgeous blade would pass the utilitarian test?


Thanks for sharing this significant piece.



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+1 to all comments made, including picking my jaw off the floor. After having done some dremel carving in steel (small pendents and stuff) how the heck did you get everything so smooth after roughing it out? what kind of bits did you use?



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Hooooooly Cow man! Ive never ever seen anything like that before, mindblowing!!!

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That's just absolutely ... It's a true work of art. How much time did you spend on it? I'd have gone copletely insane during the carving process.


Just by chance: If you're looking for a deserving individual to send that to, Please consider me. I'd give it a good home, sleep with it under my pillow at night, never use it to drive tent stakes, never claim that I made it. Just wanted to beat the rush.

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