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Nice work! I think the white background in a couple of the photos does not show off your carving as well as a darker background would......

The first time I looked I missed alot of the carving..... I went back and looked closer and then saw the rest of the carving......


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Dave: Very good comment.

I think that a knife should always be a knife.

I tried this knife at the branches forming a frame.

Of course it is weaker than if be solid. Whenever possible I tried to have a structure. May not be used as a bowie but cut.

This clay hardened in the branches and tempering 3 times. Like is hard.


Chris: these are the tungsten carbide cutters. 1 is a modification I made to the details. After sanding with the Dremel and hand.


Jesus: I made several sketches. After two drawings, one on each side.

Defining what is a right and left (front and back). This is a guide, the rest is imagination.


Pat B: is difficult but possible.


Shortdog.I will Think.


Richard: I agree, are not good pictures.


Thanks again.






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Thats fantastic, and beautiful. I don't know how you did that, but the months and many broken bits must be a clue. I can imagine that done in wax and cast, but to put it straight ino steel is something else all together.

This is one of those pieces that I just know I won't forget.

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Hmm, I saw this knife when you posted it and I thought I added a reply. I guess I was just so amazed and dazed that I forgot to. Words cannot express the awesomeness of that piece.

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That knife is like David or the Sistine Chapel.

Miguel, please don't top that one. I can hardly look at my plain old knives knowing that thing exists.

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