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Patina formulas for brass, bronze and copper

Mike Turner

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Mike, that has always been a good resource, particularly because these guys stock the chemicals you need as well, however if I may be allowed a note of caution I would like to say that to describe the patination process so briefly is misleading, apart from the obvious risks involved with handling the majority of these chemicals preparation for the process is essential if you want to achieve good results.


I would recommend anyone to get the following book (it is not the first of its kind but it is one of the most complete) to bridge the gap and consult in case of any doubts. http://www.amazon.com/Colouring-Bronzing-P...s/dp/0823007626


Best regards

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Hughes & Rowe is a great reference that I still use on occasion, but as a book for someone not deeply interested in patinas I think the recipes are needlessly complex, utilize too many obscure chemicals, and because there are so many of them the book may intimidate beginners. It may be too far in the other direction, so I’ll suggest another guide for the part-time patinator:


Contemporary Patination by Ron Young


Paperback: 286 pages


Publisher: Sculpt-Nouveau; Photocopy edition (September 1997)


ISBN-10: 0960374418


ISBN-13: 978-0960374410


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Used kitty-litter will give you some awesome blues & purples on copper & bronze! apply as a paste, seal to keep fumes & moisture in...check every day or so.


man have I been looking for something to do with all this used kitty piss. wonder if I could sell it?





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Dude, it is carbon-neutral, sustainably harvested 'green' green patina - all you need is a catchy name and you've got it made! B)

Just remember my finders fee! :ph34r:

This is a 'lost styrofoam' sand cast, silicon bronze with cat piss patina from ~15 years ago.


The eroded texture is from the casting, the styrofoam didn't burn out cleanly. The patina then did the two-tone black and blue on its own...pretty cool.

Jomsvikingar Raða Ja!


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