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New to smithing


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I have only recently become interested in bladesmithing and was wondering if there is anyone here in Vegas that I could possibly stop by the next time you are forging to get a better idea of what I need and how to get started?


I would be happy to provide refreshments or something, just looking for an ear I can chew on for a bit.



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Where in the valley are you? I am not in Las Vegas, but in the general area, Henderson actually..there are a few folks making blades here, they are more into stock removal mostly, although I do have a friend that is just starting into forging...I have neen doing it myself for a little while now...don't know much but what I know..I know...


As for getting started...all you really need is a pair of safety glasses, a heat source, a hammer and something to hammer on...files and a few more hand tools and you are set...That and the desire to learn...that's the hard part....believe me this isn't "glamourous" work...



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Do a little browsing around the forum beginners place is a great place to find info. and ask questions.Jph is right tools needed are simple I use two pieces of railroad track for anvils.Asked some guys who were working on the track.For a forge I have a steel box with a pipe in the bottom that has holes in it .I ducttape a blow dryer to the pipe for a bellows.Cemented the box in.Burns charcoal and heats my work just fine.You should take a look at Mr. Fogg`s website.Theres a list of tool stores and advice on building your own forge.

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